Not the National Security Agency!

National Security Agency  ;-)

  Welcome to the National Security Agency.

  We're with the government.  We're here to help you.  Hee hee hee

  Click here or scroll down the page.  Same effect, but the link saves time.

NSA Joke explanation:

  Users of some browsers will see the location as, but other browsers like the newer versions of Internet Explorer will only show you the "http://" along with the last part after the @ symbol, or just give you a syntax error message.

  However, I could just as easily have hidden the location bar on your Web browser and you would've been none the wiser.

  If this had actually been somebody trying to con you into giving out personal information, they would have asked you for bank account, credit card, and social security numbers, as well as any PIN you use.  And they would've tried to make you think they were a bank, not the NSA, and used better graphics to make it look more convincing...

  There are ways that bad people can make this look even more convincing by having a domain name combined with a TLD (Top Level Domain, like .com, .net, and .org) after the @ symbol that won't raise suspicion, but I won't give anybody ideas by telling them what they can use.

  Remember, do not trust any link that has an @ character in it, unless it's only an e-mail link and even then, you should check the link's properties by right-clicking on it and selecting Properties from the list, to make certain that it only has the stuff that it's supposed to have in it, and doesn't start with "http".  If it starts with an "http", it's not an e-mail link.  E-mail links all begin with "mailto", which tells your computer that what follows it is an e-mail address.

  But, I can also make a link that will tell your computer to do things, like delete files.  A link like that can be put on a Web page, but is sometimes given to people in an e-mail, so you may want to avoid clicking on any links in e-mails, unless you check out its properties.

  Sorry, guys, but I'm not giving out the code for that.  Naughty, naughty!

  Hey, how many other people would alert you to this kind of a trick so you'll know what to look out for?  You can count them on the fingers of one hand.  If you're lucky enough to find them at all...

  Disclaimer:  The use of the name National Security Agency is in no way attempting to impersonate them, as I have explained that this is not their site and I have even said so on the Title Bar, the banner near the top of this page, and provided a link to this part where I tell that this page is not part of the NSA Website.  In fact, I'll even give you a link to their real site:  National Security Agency.



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