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  This may have been caused by me re-naming a Web page file, usually from the original eight (8) characters file name to a longer file name that makes more sense . . .  And, yes, I was making Web pages that long ago.  Hee hee hee  If a file name re-spelling is indeed the case, here are some of the new versions:

  VidScans (honest movie reviews and honest TV show reviews)., the front door page of this Web site.

  3D Chat: 3D Chat Programs and Plug-ins Reviewed.

  Alice Cooper.

  Alcohol Prohibition Returns - The Return of Prohibition

  Americans are Prudes!

  CSS and the History of Web Browsers.


  Cool Quotes.

  CoV / City of Villains Blacklist.  Used to be named CoV Jerks page.

  CoH / City of Heroes Blacklist.  Used to be named CoH Jerks page.

  Florida Department of Children and Families: Incompetent or intentionally sadistic  The file name needed to be changed.

  Greedy businesses

  Happy Holidays.

  School Violence: Causes of School Violence.

  Secretive Doctors

  VidScans (honest movie reviews and honest TV show reviews).  The older movie review pages were also re-named, since it made more sense than using the older eight character page names.  And, yes, I've been giving honest movie reviews and honest TV show reviews for decades.  LOL

  WinMX Help.

  Would the Government Warn You?

  The World's Biggest Polluter


  You may have noticed that other Websites as a general rule don't provide links to the new versions of old pages.  This is just one of the differences between my site and theirs.  ;-)



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