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What's Wrong with America and How to Fix it:


Causes of School Violence


  Tells how intolerance, bullies, teasing, and hazing are the true causes of school violence and school shootings.



"No one gives an oink about prom night or football
Cos just getting home from school safe is a gamble and a blessing."


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  What is bullying.


  March 24th, 1998:  The self-proclaimed experts try to blame it all on music videos, TV, and the movies.


  Why kids may feel the need to defend themselves or retaliate.  A look inside the mind of a child who is pushed to the breaking point, and beyond.


  Predicting there will be more school violence.


  June 7th, 1998:  Things get worse.


  The Columbine Shootings, April 20th, 1999.


  Bullies are sick.  Now they're sodomizing children!


  'Hit Lists' and how the media make the victims look like the aggressors.


  Self-proclaimed 'experts' giving impractical and un-realistic advice.


  Some realistic advice on what to do about bullies.


  What a school or community can do to stop bullying in their local school system.


  Links to further reading on bullying the true cause of school violence.



  What is bullying

  Bullies are essentially just the same kind of people as Hitler or the guards in the nazi death camps, but there's only a difference of degree.  They really are sadists, make no mistake about that and they take great pleasure in giving pain to others.  :-(  These are the same sick two-legged creatures that call other people names, bully them in the schools, laugh at them, play practical jokes on others, physically and emotionally hurt people, and, in some cases, kill them, like their schoolmates, fellow employees, et cetera.  They figure that if they're bigger and stronger than you they have the right to hurt, humiliate, cripple and kill you if they don't like you.  IMHO, the people that associate with them are just as responsible as they are for their acts if they don't stop them.  Most of them just watch without even offering a word of protest about the victim being hurt and some of them even laugh, making them just as bad as the tormentors themselves since they're obviously getting pleasure from someone else's pain.  The bullies like having them around too, so they have an audience to entertain while they perform their cruel deeds.  The ones who hang around these sadists don't seem to realize that if the bullies suddenly don't like them they'll turn on them too!  And I feel sorry for the ones that marry a bully.  Later on in life these monsters are likely going to be beating on them and their children and then the spouses are going to try telling others that they weren't expecting that from them.  Sometimes they kill their loved ones.  I feel sorry for them but if they want abuse, pain, misery, cruelty and possibly death instead of love I guess it's their choice.


  I saw on CNN the other day (October 1st, 1997 i.c.c.) that a kid took a gun to school with him and started gunning down the other kids that were harassing him.  I guess he just couldn't take it anymore.  If the kids that he shot were the ones that were harassing him and torturing him in any way they could until the point that he felt there was no other way out of the terror that his life had become but to get a gun and shoot them, I find it hard to feel sorry for them.  I almost wish that every kid could do that,as long as the kid only shot the ones that were doing it!  I don't like to see people get hurt (after the Susan Smith story on CNN I haven't watched much news), but if people torture others, I have no problem with seeing them die.  At least they weren't tortured to death.  Too bad we can't make sure these monsters can't reproduce.  I think that the adult sadists should be physically castrated and then imprisoned somewhere where they wouldn't have a chance to hurt others.  Or maybe even put them all together in one place and have them kill each other off?  Hmm...  They probably would too!

  People are always complaining about school violence, but don't bother to find out what causes school violence.  The causes of school violence are primarily intolerance (of anybody who is different in any way from those around them), bullies, teasing, and hazing.  If they ever realize the truth, maybe someday in a few decades from now, they'll actually try to do something about it.

  But, I'm not going to believe humans are that smart, or even care.  About the only thing they'll do is to increase security at the schools to make it more difficult for people to bring guns to school, and cops will receive training in what to do if there's a school shooting.  But, they will not try to do anything to stop the true cause of them happening.

  There's flaws in their system.  Security check points are usually only at one or two places at a school and gaining access to the school can be done by any kid with an imagination.  Which are usually the very same kids who are being picked on because they're different...

  Those security checkpoints are usually manned by un-armed and sometimes armed security officers, who, at most, are getting paid only a few dollars more per hour than minimum wage and at the first sign of any real armed resistance are going to 'rabbit' and abandon their posts.

  But, the school systems only care about how things look.  They don't really care about stopping the problem, or else they would have.  And, the security upgrades while not only being almost totally worthless for a determined student, would only protect students at the school, itself, even if they did work as intended.  They can't protect students at other places like on the street trying to get to or from school, at stores, the local shopping mall, or at home.

  The attitudes of everybody involved need to change.  The way students interact with each other and treat each other should be the first and foremost priority, but also the attitudes of teachers, principals, and parents need to change.


  I saw on Headline News (Tiw's day, December 2nd 1997) that there's going to be increased security in schools to prevent children from bringing in guns.  Sorry people, but that's just avoiding the problem.  All that's gonna do, even if you can create a totally effective security system (which I doubt) is give those two-legged sadistic monsters the knowledge that there is now little to no chance that the students that they prey upon and torment will be able to defend themselves in the only way that they fear.  Now the poor students that are tortured every day by the monsters that they have to go to school with only have three choices.

  1: To complain to a school official which will probably accomplish next to nothing, especially if the bullies are also jocks, which is highly likely, and will bring even more abuse on them because their tormentors always seem to find out.  This may be caused by a school principal telling the bully who it is that's complaining about them, either without any prompting by the bully, or, when the bully asks them who it is that they're supposed to have been bullying.  The principal is either a moron and clueless to what will happen when a bully finds out who went to them for help, or he's firmly on the side of the bullies.  Or, somebody working in the principal's office could've told the bully.  This could be either an employee, or another student.

  2: Try to endure the pain and mental anguish that's inflicted on them every single day for the rest of their school years.

  3: To commit suicide to escape the pain and unending torment.

  They may as well start issuing blindfolds, gags, leg irons and handcuffs to those poor kids who are being preyed on and making them wear them at all times that they're in school and issuing whips, chains and other implements of torture to the bullies and tell them to do whatever they want from now on.  If people really did care (now that's a joke!), they'd be trying to do something about the sadists themselves instead of making it easier for them by making them feel safer against retaliation by one of their victims getting a gun and shooting them.  But since they're not, it proves to me that they don't.  But I already knew that, so it doesn't really come as any kind of a surprise to me.  By the way, it's a little late to start 'sensitivity awareness training' after the person is already in the workforce!  Duh!  Why don't you try at the earliest possible chance like in pre-school?  The earlier the age you train someone in how to do something, the more deeper the knowledge is, and it'll last a lot longer, as well.

  I find it very interesting that when a student started shooting at those that harassed him in school the story (October 1st, 1997) wasn't on for very long on the news but when a student decides he's going to shoot some of his fellow students at a prayer meeting (how much do you wanna bet that it was christian?) held before school that the news is full of the story.

  Now why is that exactly?  Are some people trying to cover up the problem that certain kids are cruel and enjoy torturing their fellow classmates?  You did notice that they didn't interview the shooters or go into a lot of detail as to why they felt the need to shoot some of the kids they go to school with, right?  That to me is just as bad but I'm sure they don't see it that way.

  The media is just manipulating the public, treating them like puppets.  They want you to feel a certain way about an event, so they show you footage of the kids crying because one of their classmates did the unthinkable and fought back in the only way he could, but they don't tell you what their motivations were or just mention it in passing.

  I noticed that when a few people were killed in tornadoes in the southern United States they didn't put up pictures of them, but yet they show pictures of the kids who died in the school shootings.  Don't you wonder why you're being treated like a puppet and having your emotions manipulated like that?


  March 24th, 1998:  The self-proclaimed experts try to blame it all on music videos, TV, and the movies

  I was taking a break from doing e-mail and watching a few minutes of TV tonight and in the process of flipping through the channels trying to watch something that was actually worth watching (usually an exercise in futility), I came upon the news story of a couple more kids shooting others at a school.

  The reporter and the guy he was interviewing (on CNN I think) were discussing why kids did such things and were trying to blame it all on music videos, TV, and the movies.

  Do they honestly think that the people that are watching are really that stupid?

  Okay, let's make this extremely simple here just in case anyone did believe that crap because they've been trained to believe everything they see on the tube.  If children are taught from pre-school (or even earlier if possible) to be nice to people and considerate of their feelings so that they won't try to humiliate, harass and physically and emotionally abuse their fellow students later on, don't you think that would eliminate the possibility of there being an upset kid with a desire to fight back in the only way he knows would work?

  It seems like the media, psychologists, police, teachers, parents, et cetera are trying to blame it all on what people are listening to or watching on TV or at the movies.  Why not put the blame where it belongs instead like on the sadists themselves that made the other students want to fight back or on the parents that raised the sadists/bullies or the students and teachers who watched those monsters prey on their victims and did absolutely nothing to stop it?

  I think that some of the teachers and students should've at least got an oscar nomination for their acting ability when they acted surprised when an abused kid starts gunning down people!  I mean, c'mon!  You didn't really think he believed he could go to you or anyone else for help, did you?  Ha!  Nobody who knows the truth believes your act or at least I don't!


  Why kids may feel the need to defend themselves or retaliate (besides what I've already mentioned).  This is just one possible example and for all you know, it may not be true and I could've just made the whole thing up.  Besides, "Everybody knows that this sort of thing just doesn't happen".

  Maybe the kid has 'loving parents' at home that emotionally abuse him by screaming such things like "I wish you were never born!" and they beat on him quite a few times a day with (just a few examples) yardsticks (until they break them on him), belts, 2x4s and iron skillets since he was a little kid.

  He obviously can't go to them for help when he's being bullied at school and he already knows that the cops aren't very nice.  All the ones he's met probably acted like nothing but Nazi stormtroopers to him and one might've even arrested him for trying to avoid getting killed by his 'loving parents' display of love with the 2x4 and an iron skillet.  He could've grabbed a dust mop and limped his way back into a corner away from them swinging it at them to keep them away from him in his only violent action he's done in his whole life when he realized that he wouldn't be able to survive this time.  He couldn't bring himself to hurt someone with it (not even his 'loving parents'), but they didn't know that.  The cop could've came in after one of his parents called them and the other one had him pinned into the corner and the cop arrested the kid for assault because he swung the dustmop at them but the cop didn't arrest his parents because they had put the 2x4 and iron skillet down when they saw the cop arrive.  So that tells him that resisting the attempt by his 'loving parents' to turn him into a bloody and broken corpse on the kitchen floor is wrong in the eyes of the cops and he knows he can't go to them for help.

  The only other place in his life is school and they treat him like crap especially after finding out that he can't bring himself to fight back, and do their very best to make his time at school a living hell.  In school, if a kid is sad or angry, no one goes up to him and says:  "Hey, what's wrong?  I care about how you feel.  Do you want to talk or do you need a hug?"  It doesn't happen!  The stuff you see on TV shows and movies with kids who act like they care is fake.  You know, as in scripts, sets, and all that?  It's not based on real life!  The kids surrounding him are humans and he already knows what humans are like from experiences he's had with them for as far back as he can remember.  In fact, his earliest memory might be from when he wasn't much more than a baby, holding a bobby pin in an electrical outlet and not being able to let go, feeling the electricity shocking his entire body while he watches his fingers burn and listens to his mother laughing.

  So, the next time you're watching TV and some news reporter is saying that no one knows why a kid in school would take a gun to school and shoot his fellow students and/or teachers, you might have a small clue now.  All abused kids aren't that way though.  Some kids can take a gun to school and shoot people while others can't.  They've gone through virtually the same thing at home and school and continue through life experiencing horrific nightmares and memories of what they've been through that they can't get out of their heads.  They can't trust anybody and try to avoid human contact in the real world as much as possible.  When they try to call for help, this is how they're treated.  So, they learn not to trust hospitals, doctors, and nurses as well.

  Why is it that in our world kids are beaten and/or drugged in order to control them?  They're even making children as young as five years old and possibly younger take psychotropic drugs that have very bad side effects and could possibly do permanent damage to them.  Some are even expelled from school and forgotten.  I guess that the school feels they can't be bothered to try to help them.  They just throw them away.  I really doubt if that'll solve anything.  If the kid can't get help there while they have him for six or more hours a day, it's unlikely he'll get it anywhere and he'll probably take that badly especially if he's forced to endure being at home all day with parents that aren't very nice.  :-(


  Here's a prediction for you:

  There's going to be increased violence and more shootings at schools until things change.  Don't believe me?  Let's wait and see how many more get shot until people figure it out.  How many will they allow to die?  Based on what I believe humans to be like, I'm sure there'll be at least another hundred or so deaths.  :-(  :-(  :-(


  Sunday, June 7th, 1998:  Things have gotten worse

  Well, I was right.  Things are getting worse now.  I noticed that one politician came on the news and said he wanted a law passed that would make just having a gun on you punishable by 15 years in prison, firing a gun would be 25 years in prison and if you just hurt someone with it, you get life imprisonment.

  So, if a burglar breaks into your home and is shooting your family, this politician believes that you're supposed to go into the kitchen, pick up the phone and call the cops while he continues killing your loved ones.  Even if the burglar knows that the cops are coming, it's a sure bet that he's aware of the fact that he's got at least 30 seconds and usually a lot more time than that before they show up and he can kill the rest of you easily in that time thus eliminating any witnesses, since it only takes a few seconds to fire off all the rounds of ammo in a gun.

  Obviously, I'm not voting for this guy.  He seems to just be using people's wish that the killing in schools stop to get a law passed that'll make people more defenseless and vulnerable and possibly to promote his own political career.  It seems the humans still haven't figured it out yet.  They're still trying to eliminate the guns instead of trying to convince people to be nice to each other.  Why am I not surprised?


  The Columbine Shootings, April 20th, 1999:

  Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, two members of the TCM (Trench Coat Mafia) at Columbine High School in Littleton, Colorado felt so outcast and harassed that they needed to shoot their tormenters.  This, according to the media, is labeled a 'hate crime'.  I guess the media is sending a message that it's okee dokee for kids to harass others, but it's a 'hate crime' to hate people for doing that to you.

  The Trench Coat Mafia was just a bunch of students who wore trench coats to school.  And, as usual, whenever there's a group of people that doesn't fit in with what society considers to be 'normal', that is, a good little biological robot marching in perfect lock-step, acting the same as everybody else, a name is put on them by other people.  In this case, a jock, in 1998.  They had a right not to have to conform to what other students thought of as normal.  Or at least I think so.  Of what use is a robot, or somebody who thinks, dresses, acts and talks exactly like everybody else?  Just another cog in the machine, not an individual.  If you eliminate all the people in your society who are different, you're going to be getting rid of most if not all artists, writers, fashion designers, or anybody else who thinks differently from the social norm.  If you succeed, in time, everybody will be wearing the same clothes, there won't be any new TV shows or movies, nor artwork or anything creative.

  The members of the Trench Coat Mafia weren't racist, nor were they into Nazism.

  These students put up with years of abuse and harassment by fellow students.  In the begining, it was mostly the jocks, but more of the students joined in the harassment.  They had drinks poured on them, were called names, among them words intentionally hurtful like the slang name for a gay person, that starts with an F which I won't repeat here.  The football players did body blocks on them, shoving them hard into lockers.  They also had rocks, bottles, and cans and cups filled with soda pop thrown at them from the jocks who drove by in cars as they tried to ride home on their bicycles.  The jocks also hit them with their cars while they were riding their bicycles.

  In the cafeteria, they'd throw food at them.

  One of them described it as being "Pure hell."

  An actual quote by a 255 pound football player at the school:

  “Columbine is a clean, good, place except for those rejects.” He added, “Sure we teased them. But what do you expect with kids who come to school with weird hairdos and horns on their hats? It’s not just the jocks; the whole school’s disgusted with them. If you want to get rid of someone, usually you tease ‘em. So the whole school would call them homos.’”

  Gee, intolerance seems to be the norm at a lot of these schools, and is still going strong even after the shootings.  Guess they didn't learn, and probably never will.  What?  You have a different haircut and you wear a hat that's different and the other students have a right to attack you?

  This kind of thing happened a lot in front of teachers and students, but nobody did anything to stop it.

  Most adults wouldn't put up with this kind of treatement, but this was done to children.  Children who had enough problems trying to grow up in this cruel and sadistic world and trying to get an education without the added agravation of harassment, bullying, bodily harm, and possible death.  And they wonder why children don't learn in school.  Maybe they're more concerned with surviving another day than school work?  When you're in survival mode almost every hour of every day at a school, math and all that other stuff doesn't matter.  Making it through another day is all that matters.  But, of course, the schools, parents, and teachers don't really care.

  Then, or course, something snapped, and the events of April 20th, 1999 happened.

  Okay, I realize that the news stories are just a little slanted, but this is open manipulation:  They've published a video tape showing footage of the after-effects of the Columbine shootings, and with kids running out of the school, crying, all complete with emotionally manipulative music to control your emotional response.  What's the deal?  Are people really sheep?  They like being led?  Maybe we should just call them all sheeple, and be done with it.

  It seems odd, really, that all the video tapes that were done by the two guys involved before the shootings telling why they were so upset isn't published, but the emotionally manipulative stuff is...

  They should've put what they wanted to say on the Web, or made .avi files using a hidden video camera, possibly of kids teasing and bullying them, then shared it with others through file-sharing programs.

  And what about Daniel Rohrbough?  Was he shot and killed by Jefferson County sheriff's deputies as some claim?  His parents say that he couldn't have been shot by Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris in the chest and gut because witnesses saw him running away from them.  There seems to be a lot that's not being told...

  For those thinking there was a third student shooting people, there wasn't.  Eric Harris took off his duster after shooting a few rounds.  Then continued wearing his white T-shirt.  He even stopped for a few seconds to drink something in the cafeteria.  Dylan Klebold took off his own duster in the school library.  He wore a black T-shirt underneath his duster.

  Btw, for any reporters reading this, Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris weren't wearing real trench coats.  They wore dusters.  Try getting the facts straight, for just once.

  And yes, I've heard about the Nazi stuff in some diary the cops 'confiscated'.  Odd how things that are taken by some people the stuff is considered to be stolen, but when it's done by another group of people, it's called 'confiscating'...

  More than likely, Dylan and Eric wanted to shock anybody reading it.  Their actions prove that they weren't racist.  You'll note that only two minorities were killed during the shootings, and I think at least one of them was a jock.  That should tell you who their real targets were.  Judge people by what they do, not by what they say.  What people say in public or what they've written in diaries where they think snoopy people will read them shouldn't be taken for their true self.  Otherwise, you'd have to believe everything a politician says.  Frankly, I'm not that gullible.

  Let's put it this way:  Who would you consider to be more intolerant of somebody who was different from them either by the way they dress, or the color of their skin?  A group of people who like being different, or jocks who openly admit they harassed them merely because they had different style of haircuts and wore different kinds of hats from them?

  After Columbine, the students who were in the Trench Coat Mafia were silent, not wanting to tell their side of the story for fear of being attacked, again.  Not only fearing for themselves, but for their families.

  In August of 1999, the school district decided to start an anti-bullying program.  Many people think that it's because it took the Columbine shootings to convince them that something was wrong.  But I think it's because they wanted to make themselves look better in the public eye.  Otherwise, they would've done something a lot sooner, knowing that this level of harassment was going on.  But personally, I think it's just PR.  The kids will act politically correct while in view of any teachers that they don't think they can get away with anything in front of, but once out of their view, they'll revert to their usual intolerant and sadistic ways, especially for anybody that's even slightly different from them.  The quote by the football player above tells the real story.  This is the way humans are.

  What people have to realize someday is that they need to treat others as they themselves want to be treated.  Not alienated, or made to feel like an outcast.  Not ridiculed, not attacked.  Nor assaulted with soda pop, rocks, bottles, or cars.  Otherwise, those they hurt will hate them for it.  Some will want to repay hurt for hurt.

  One of the final insults to Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold came when some guy destroyed the crosses that were left in memorial of their deaths, but left the remaining 13 alone.  Even in death, they're made to feel as outcasts.  :-(

  Humans will never learn.


  Now bullies are sodomizing children!

  By now, you've probably already heard about Nick Branson, and 13 year old children being sodomized by older children at a football camp.

  When exactly is something going to be done?

  If ever...

  Okay, I know it's been a while since I added to this, and there have been a lot more incidents since my last update, but to be honest with you, I feel like I'm wasting my time.  No one is listening, and the harassment, ridicule and torture that makes others fight back with violence continues on and on, and it won't end.  People just don't seem to be serious about wanting it stopped, though I saw in the news that a couple of the parents of the kids that were shot in one of the latest incidents wants to sue the parents of the kids that did the shooting.

  Hey, if you really cared about your kids, why the heck didn't you try to stop the harassing in the school before it got to the point of no return?!  And instead of trying to make money off of your kid's death, why don't you try to stop other kids from getting killed by informing the school systems what the real problem is?!  Or is money more important to you than saving the lives of children?  Maybe the parents of the kids who shot your kids should sue you for raising kids who harrass others to the breaking point so they wanted to kill them?


  'Hit Lists' and how the media makes the victims look like the aggressors

  If you've been watching the news on TV, you occasionally hear about a student writing up what the media calls a 'hit list'.  This, to me, is making the victims sound like the aggressors.  A more honest name for these lists of people would be 'these are the people who are pushing me to the breaking point' list.  In fact, if any of you kids who are feeling like this read this page, I encourage you to name the list that!

  It seems very, very strange that merely writing down who it is that is making your life a living hell is forbidden, but hazing and bullying even to the point of injury or death is okay, unless, of course, it gets put on TV.  Then, the school system will do the bare minimum that they have to while never being charged themselves for allowing such things to happen or worse yet, to continue to happen after they were made aware of it.

  Oh, and let's not forget the fact that those bullies who caused physical injury or even sexually assaulted their victims are never tried as adults, even though the offense was adult in nature, but as children, as though saying that the bullies involved with it were dear, sweet, innocent children who didn't know that what they were doing was wrong.


  Self-proclaimed 'experts' giving impractical and un-realistic advice

  There's been a lot of these self-proclaimed 'experts' who try to act like they know what they're talking about and give advice on what to do to stop bullying in schools.  The only problem is that they're almost totally clueless.  The majority seem to think that parents will notice when a child is having problems with a bully, or that, even if they do notice, will talk things out with them.  *snickers*  Yo!  Reality check time!  Most humans don't care about anything that doesn't effect them directly!  Buy a clue, already!  This is especially true if the child being bullied is also being abused at home.  It may be only me, but I find it hard to believe that a parent who habitually beats their child until they're brusied, bleeding, and crying will care if they seem depressed when they come home from school.

  Then, these self-proclaimed 'experts' try to say that the teachers will help out if they notice bullying or hazing.  Are they stupid enough to believe that??  Like the teachers and other faculty at places like Columbine and others around the world are totally ignorant of what's going on in their schools.

  You want the truth?  Can you handle the truth?  Then ask the children pushed to the breaking point and beyond and started shooting those who tortured them.  Ask them how much the teachers and faculty at a school helped stop bullies.  Obviously, nothing.  Or at best, no where near enough.


  Some realistic advice on what to do about bullies

  Okay, I'll give some advice here that's based on the real world, and not some fantasy world that the self-proclaimed experts live in.  Can't believe people pay them to spout that crap at them!  LOL

  1:  Sit and hang out with friends who you can count on to defend you, and that you will defend in return if attacked.  If nothing else, ask them flat out why bullies like them didn't learn anything from Columbine, and why they think that the people they bully in your school won't want to shoot them.  But, if you make it sound like it's a threat coming from you, they'll probably try to get you into trouble for it.  Torturing other children in school seems to be something that almost all schools don't seem to care about, but, telling another student or mob of students that you're going to defend yourself if they continue or asking them to stop before you lose control will get you into trouble for some odd reason.  Just tell the sadistic monsters that if they keep going, you can't be held accountable for your actions as they've pushed you past the breaking point.  Or try this:  "Unlike you, I don't like hurting people, but if you keep hurting me either emotionally or physically, the person you make me become may see no other way to stop you than shooting you."  If you get into trouble with your principal for saying that, by all means, give them the URL to this page and tell them to buy a brain.

  2:  If you can or can't use step one, this also helps if you're sitting by the aisle in a school bus:  Put whichever of your feet is closest to the aisle under the seat, and, if your legs are long enough, wrap your foot around that metal post that connects the bottom of the seat to the floor of the bus.  This makes it much more difficult for you to be grabbed by a group of your school-mates and taken to the back of the bus to be kicked and punched until they've killed you or made you cry, depending upon how sadistic they are.

  3:  Keep something on your person where you can pull it out in under a second that you can use as a weapon in case you get attacked.  This can be either keys, or anything sharp like a sharpened pencil, but if you bring a knife or a gun to school with you and the bullies see it, they'll likely complain about it because it'll give you a slight chance to defend yourself.  That will get one of the school faculty to take it away from you, and they'll probably call your parents, too.  The schools are usually on the side of the bullies, not yours.  :-(  No matter what you decide to use as a weapon to defend yourself with in an emergency, you shouldn't threaten people with it unless they are threatening you in some way, or attacking you.  Otherwise, they'll say you were threatening them, to get you into trouble.  Also, you don't want to get a reputation as being a bully, yourself.

  4:  Take some martial arts classes.  They'll probably only teach you the basics, but it's better than nothing.  If you can find an instructor that actually cares about helping you learn to defend yourself against bullies and other people who are trying to hurt you, ask them to teach you tactics and moves that will benefit you the most.  Describing in detail what form the physical attacks take will help them help you the most, as they can teach you three to four different counters for each type of attack.  Your local YMCA or YWCA may have a Karate class.  If you can't afford to pay for one, ask the instructor if you can work for it telling them that you really need the training to survive.

  5:  Physical training.  Keeping yourself fit may help you deter an attack upon you.  Most bullies will go after somebody that they think they can totally control with little risk of resistance.  Keeping yourself in good shape will also give you more confidence.  This takes away one of the bully's most powerful weapons: your fear of them.  When you're not afraid, you can think better.  That may save your life.

  6:  A lack of fear does not mean you should be less cautious.  In fact, being a little afraid is good, provided it doesn't get you too stressed out.  Just enough so that you pay full attention to what's going on around you so you don't miss something that may hurt you, like the sound of somebody moving up behind you while somebody is distracting you in your face.

  7:  Avoidance.  Try to avoid open conflict if at all possible.  Ignoring a bully's insults may get them to seek other prey, or it may anger them that you're not paying enough attention to them.  That's something you have to determine for yourself, and almost every situation is different.  Running away may only be a temporary solution, and will also let the bully know that they've scared you to the point that you felt you had to run away, but you'll survive the encounter, provided you can escape them and whatever friends they have to help them hurt you.  This will probably only work once, and they may try to make sure you can't run away next time.

  Well, I'd put in some other stuff, but I'm pretty sure that I'd get into trouble for trying to teach victims how to defend themselves in a more agressive manner...


  What a school or community can do to stop bullying in their local school system, if humans can be bothered to care about children:

  1:  Give the parents and teachers practical training in recognizing the signs of bullying, and how to stop it, as well as how to get the bullies and all the other students at the school to change their intolerant and sadistic attitudes towards hurting people emotionally or physically.  Heck, ask them straight out why they like to torture people.  Or better yet, find a way to reverse their roles.  Have all the other students in the class or the school ridicule them for a week or so, to let them know what it feels like, and write things like "bully", "sadist" and "intolerant jerk" on their faces with a permanent marker.  Not just for the males who beat up and tease others, but also the females.

  2:  Ask for adult volunteers to ride in the backs of the buses during the trips to and from school, as well as on the school grounds in the hallways, cafeterias, and other places around the school to deter bullying, teasing, and other acts of intolerance.  Not only during school hours, but also during any events held at the school, especially sporting events or dances where things sometimes have a tendency to get out of control.  The best solution would be that all the adults doing this would be armed with a pistol which includes a hand grip that identifies the owner before the gun can be fired, and they should all wear good body armor.  Ask local police departments if any off-duty cops would want to help keep the local schools safe by volunteering for this, or ask the parents, or put an ad in the paper asking for volunteers, then carefully screen them, giving them background checks and psych tests to make sure they won't pose a risk to the children and can be trusted to do their jobs.  One of the top priorities should be a volunteer or cop at the main access point inside the school who is wearing good body armor and has one of the aforementioned pistols with a biometric hand grip that prevents anyone but the owner(s) (many biometric systems can use a list of people) from using it.  In addition to this, they should have a type of dead man switch that they hold when people come in, which, when released, triggers an alarm system that alerts those in the school to evacuate, as well as a silent alarm button they can push which automatically sends a request for help to the local police station if they think the situation is more than they can handle.  Trusted, trained, and throughly screened teachers can also have a biometric secured pistol locked in their desks (there are safes which can be bolted into a desk drawer, adding another layer of security and they cost less than 100 dollars) as well as a silent alarm to push in case attackers come in through a classroom window.  Also, the more, the better.  If there's only one person supervising and they go to the restroom, or get distracted, the bullies will see that and do what they want to when nobody will stop them.  It'll also help to prevent one of the bully's parents from showing favoritism and letting them get away with stuff that others wouldn't.

  3:  If the school can afford it, put in more video cameras, and record everything, video and audio, except in the restrooms, where maybe an adult of the same sex that the restroom is for could supervise, instead.  Blank VHS tape is cheap, and they have inexpensive VCRs that can record for a 24 hour period on a single tape.  If possible, use DVD recorders.  Also, there should be a law that says that these recordings be kept on file for at least ten years, and that incidents against students who later shoot their fellow students should be put on video tape and DVD and sold to all who ask for it, the price being only the cost it takes to make the copies.  This serves a double purpose: Both to show what caused them to do it, as well as inform the public what really goes on in a school.  Oh, yes.  And harsh penalties for any school (not just whoever they declare the scapegoat) that 'accidently' loses the original recordings or allows them to be damaged or stolen.  Possibly cutting a large percent of their funding.  That way, they'll pay attention, because it's something they actually care about: money.

  4:  If a student complains about harassing and bullying behavior, take it seriously.  If you don't, the bullies will likely continue it, and do more, pushing the envelope until they get a slap on the wrist when a child gets killed.  Also, don't tell the bully who it was that came to you for help.  Even if you're a principal who cares (are there any, really?) you know you're not going to be with them every single hour of the day and night to protect them from some bully who, after hearing that they've 'ratted them out', decides to either hurt them very violently, or kill them.  If you, or anybody in your office informs the bully who it was who asked for help, you should be held accountable for anything that's done to the victim of that bully because of it.

  5:  Schools have a 'zero tolerance' policy against weapons, including chains and key chains, but seemingly not against bullying, teasing, and intolerance for people's differences.  That has to change and it has to be just as strict enforcement as the other stuff, or it will not work!  Any bullying should be made a punishable crime by the school!  This includes everything from insults to any type of physical or sexual contact that isn't wanted.  The punishments should start with expelling the bully for insulting people, and in the case of physical and/or sexual contact that isn't wanted, criminal charges must be filed.  If you don't crack down on bullying, while at the same time, increasing security so that the victims can't bring a knife or gun to school to defend themselves or retaliate, you give the impression that you approve of such things.  What's even worse is creating rules against things as un-threatening as a Tweety Bird key chain, but at the same time, allowing bullying and physical violence against people who don't fit in to continue.  Is this how you want the public to see your priorities?

  6:  Start sensitivity awareness training as soon as you get the kid in a school environment.  The earlier, the better.  Pre-school or kindergarten.  Whichever one they show up in first.  Teach them in a no-nonsence manner that any kind of bullying, ridicule, or hazing is not permitted and is wrong and hurtful.  If need be, do it to them to get them to see what it feels like.  Call them the exact same name they call the other children and encourage every other child in the school to do it, too!  If they get violent, do something about it.  Better they get help in pre-school than for them to keep bullying people throughout all their school years!

  7:  Get the kids to help out victims of bullying, if it's at all possible to get people to care about anybody but themselves, that is.  If other children will help defend a victim against a bully, it may stop that bully.  If this becomes a school-wide thing that all students engage in, it may stop all the bullies at that school.

  Okay, I'm not going to get my hopes up that people will actually do this, but I've outlined how to stop the problem of school violence and gave tips, many of which cost little to no money, such as a change of policy or a way of thinking.  If school violence continues, you'll know it's because they didn't care enough to stop it.

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  This page was created by somebody who has personally witnessed the type of events discussed in this page as one of the students, not by somebody who came along later, who, as an adult, saw a news report or two about school shootings and wrote up something about it while blaming all the school shootings on video games, song lyrics, movies, news stories, or problems at home.

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  Chuck Stenzel.  Killed by hazing, in Alfred University in New York in February 1978.  They dragged him out of bed, took him outside in the cold, locked him inside the trunk of a car and told he had to drink a pint of whiskey, a 6-pack of beer as well as a bottle of wine before they'd let him out.   Eileen Stevens, his mother, like many people, didn't get involved in a campaign to stop something like this, until, of course, they had lost somebody dear to them.  But, I for one, am glad she did.  :-)  Despite  the fact that there was a lot of support to make hazing illegal in the state of New York with an anti-hazing law, (then) New York Governor Hugh L. Carey vetoed it.  *Growls*  There are still many states that don't have anti-hazing laws.  :-(

  Children being sodomized by jocks at a football camp.  Another page that was removed from the abcnews site, but I found the story on another site.  This incident reportedly happened over and over again over a period of several days.  The jocks accused of the assaults weren't even suspended from school even though it was pre-meditated!  They brought stuff like a broom and a knife with them from home to do those things to the other children!  13 year old boys getting sodomized with broomsticks by older boys and nobody does anything??  How bad does it have to be before somebody does something??

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